Refund Policy

First of all we thank you for choosing any Chaags product. We strive to serve you and provide the necessary comfort to Chaags users, and
among the things we seek to provide is the refund or exchange policy, and we will show you many ways to do so.
Before we start to know the available methods.. you should be told what products those methods are available in..
You should know that Chaags has many products even if there are few of them
we will show you the return policy for the products

4Qr Location :-

4Qr is the first product of Chaags and is a site for organizing events because it provides organizers with the complete system for it. You should know that the 4Qr website or Chaags company as a whole.. It was not one of the organizers of any event in it as long as we did not announce that we are responsible for it..

Therefore, 4Qr or Chaags is not responsible for the refund of funds to anyone who has booked any activity on the site. You must write to the organizer of the event so that you can be refunded the price of your ticket ...
In case Chaags or 4Qr creates an event, then only then .. you should write to technical support until the money is returned to you.

The location of your interface Wghtk :- 

The site of your interface provides you with the possibility of booking a place on the Internet.
You can get a refund for the products you purchased from the site of your interface within three months of your purchase of the product and until the return process is done correctly...
The product must not have provided the capabilities that were offered to you when you bought it, in which case you have written to technical support and the refund process will take place.